I cast my vote yesterday.

Early in the day I heard that that Cameron fella in the UK was backing Dame Enda, which was a bit strange as I didn't think that UK Prime Ministers had a vote here.  It must be something to do with the EU?  So I hung around for a while hoping to hear how Merkel and O'Bama had voted but they were either being secretive or they decided to abstain

I gave Charlie my number one but I haven't heard anything about him being elected, so they must have lost my vote.

Of course, you lot who don't reside in this fair blighted isle don't have the fun and games of Proportional Representation [usually called PR, to save on ink] so even though the votes have been cast, we won't know the outcome for quite a while yet.  My guess is late tomorrow, but some counts have gone on for a week or more.  It all adds to the fun and tedium.

At the moment they are just opening boxes [a grand job if you can get it] and have been doing so since around seven this morning.  When I was in RTE I used to work in the election centre which was a vast area [usually where they stored the outside broadcast vans], and the place would be chaotic with people running all over the place and throwing bits of paper around.  It also meant working for anything up to thirty six hours without a break but it was a bit of craic.  At least we got a good idea of what was going on before the rest of the country.

So it looks like we have a result – it's a fucking mess, if you can call that a result.  One massive piece of good news is that James Fatso Reilly may lose his seat.  There will be great rejoicing here if he does.  The sooner the fat cunt goes the better… him and his plain fucking packages and his precious cheeeldren.

My prediction is that we are going to have to go through the whole fiasco again, and pretty soon too.  The old gubmint is gone and the new gubmint can only consist of coalitions between arch enemies so I very much doubt it will last.

I'll vote for Charlie again when the time comes, if he decides to run.  And I hope they don't loose my vote this time.

They have been opening boxes for about eight hours now and still no one has been elected.

Not that it makes any difference anyway.

They're all a shower of cunts.

Except Charlie

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What a fine mess — 15 Comments

  1. I have a bottle of white Rioja wine on standby in the fridge, Grandad. Keep us up to date on Charlie Keddy's performance. If he gets more than 200 independent votes I'll raise the first glass to him. I'll raise the following four or five glasses to all the other independent candidates around the country. An independent I gave my first preference to in my constituency is 'tallied' to get slightly over 2 per cent – the candidate I gave my 4th preference to might be elected to the fourth seat. Meanwhile it's back to listening to Lyric FM.

  2. Our fine mess is coming up in November and what a mess it is. I wouldn't vote for any of 'em and not feel really wrong about it. Everyone of them is a bad choice to the point that there's not even a "lesser evil" choice available.

    Perhaps I'll do a write in vote for myself? I'm sure to lose either way.

    • I believe a few ballot papers here had personal choices entered.  They would have been counted as "spoiled votes" which I think is very anti-democratic.  I should be able to vote for myself if I so wish?  I know Dame Enda votes for himself so where's the difference?

    • Ah!  Groucho Marx?  You have my deepest sympathies.  The leader here in Wicklow has no such problems.  Obviously my fellow countymen lack my appreciation for the hirsute?

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