Existential wheelie bins — 15 Comments

  1. there will even be 'smart' lighters.

    I have a horrible feeling that a certain Antipodean Aircraft Engineer is working on that one as we speak.

    Praise the Lord for the gift (and gifts) of Granddaughters:


  2. what if you use matches? or light the gas first then light your pipe from this. For smart educated fellows they haven't put much thought into it.

  3. ""Arthur C Clark and Steven Hawking got it all wrong. It is not the murderous computer HAL in 2001 or some evil terminators that will eliminate humanity.""

    I had no idea that Steven Hawking created 'The Terminator'. And I thought he was all black holes and boredom. 

  4. You see what kind of trouble you get into due to this blog of yours? You can't even rant about water charges without risking termination by your own bins let alone being blamed not only for ruining the environment but single handedly causing the extinction of the entire human race at the same time.

    Keep it up!

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