Schools advised to have gender neutral toilets and uniforms to support transgender pupils.

Oh sweet fuck!  Someone please tell me this is a joke?

Back in my time when things were reasonably sensible, there were two genders – male and female.  Mother Nature very kindly provided us with a broad hint as to which was which by putting a plug on one and a socket on the other.  In fact the first words from the midwife are rarely "it's a baby" but rather "it's a boy" or "it's a girl".  Nature's little hint was so obvious that no one could miss it even from the instant of birth.

Now we have entered a world that is all touchy feely, and ever so gentle with people's sensibilities where everyone's feelings must be considered as we don't want to offend anyone.  And there are now more genders than you can shake a stick at.

There are males and females.  There are homosexuals and lesbians.  There are bisexuals, trisexuals and non-sexuals.  There are transgenders, transsexuals, non-specific genders, crossdressers and people who think they are cats.  And of course they all have to be catered for in this oh so sensitive world because we couldn't anyone's feelings now, could we?

Listen, you fucking PC morons.  There is a simple rule.  If you have a plug you take a piss were there is a pot on the wall.  If you have a socket you take a piss where there isn't.  It really is that simple.

I blame the marriage referendum.  It sent the message to the world that we were oh so gay friendly and the streets were covered in rainbows.  I have nothing against gays. or whatever they're called but changing my gender to show solidarity with my gay and lesbian friends is going a bit too far.  However, judging by the headline in the paper a massive proportion of the population are suddenly very confused about what they are.

Of course some people will claim that I protest too much and that I am denying "my female inner self".  They can fuck off too.  I have tried knitting [to my daughter’s disgust when I sent her to school in a jumper I had knitted] and was once quite deft at macramé, but I did them not because of any gender confusion, rather out of curiosity to see if I could. 

When I go for a piss, I grant that there can be some confusion but that is only down to the irritating sense of humour of some publicans.  Ladies and Gents is straightforward enough.  Lassies and Lads I can cope with. The Irish only ones I grant, can cause some confusion as "Mna" is often mistaken by foreigners as a misspelling of Man [it means “women”!  Heh!].  But when they enter the realm of "Dolphins" and "Porpoises", or some such nonsense it just gets silly.  Anyway who gives a fuck?  Many times I have been in the Gents when a woman wandered in, and conversely I have wandered into the ladies, sometimes by mistake and other times not.

This gender thing really is a load of bollox.

Or lack of.


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Taking the piss — 13 Comments

  1. Good post. So you knitted your daughter a wooly jumper? And she had the daughterly good manners to say she didn't like it? Good on both of ya. Discarded wooly jumpers can be rearranged with a bit of creative darning as body warmers for pet dogs in winter.

    When I learnt about the birds and the bees I was told there were male and female bees, with their designated tasks. And the queen bee presided over all the work. She was sexually rewarded for her supervisory responsibilities and the drones were satisfied. That's enough biology for me. The bio-engineers at the Department of Education should have chosen careers as public sanitation officers.

    • She had the good grace not to mention the cardigan for about ten years.  She then cheerfully informed me that she was mortified at the time.  I told her it was intended as a character building exercise.  Seems to have worked too.

      I can't remember how I discovered the mechanics, though I have a fair the bicycle shed featured in the background.  I also remember a game of Spin the Bottle in a friend's basement……

  2. Grandad,

    I honestly think 2016 is going to be the year of ‘really stupid’ on so many levels.

    So much so, I’m seriously considering converting the spare bedroom into a sound-proof rubber room to where I can retreat and scream and bounce all the pent-up anger and frustration out of myself on a daily {hourly?} basis.

    • I thought that was what The Foggy Mirror is for?

      I would tend to agree that insanity is growing at an exponential rate,  I suppose I welcome it at one level – it gives me plenty of material to work with.

      Keep with the padded room though – you'll need it if you persist on using Windows 10!  Mwaaaahahaha!

      • Grandad,

        Purlease, Windows 10 is a master-class in coding and embedded corporate spy-ware excellence and Bill gates is a prince amongst men.

        Sure Windows 10 has its faults and niggles but so does my little nest of vipers along the sofa.

        Oh, gotta go, looks like Windows has cratered again…

    • Do we need any more proof that the world has gone down the toilet, through the sewers and the slurry farm and is now irrevocably sunk to the bottom of the ocean?

      • Dear Grandad

        Positive. They hadn't been invented then. All we had were regular poofs, and some of them used the staff toilets.

        We had the standard percentage of girly boys – not quite in the same league as Fotherington Thomas – but I don't remember any cases of bullying based on that. On the whole we seemed tolerant of both staff & pupils of a different bent. The bullies tended to concentrate on making life hard for those in the 2nd form.

        Decades after leaving school, I was a bit surprised to learn that my chem. master had a live in boyfriend, though I dare say those with eyes to see, weren't.


  3. Ah, just put 'em all in skirts, white shirts, ties and a blazer, give 'em one fully equipped bathroom and let 'em figure it out for themselves.

    Oh, never mind.

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