Yet another addiction to add to the list — 17 Comments

  1. Yes! Congratulations on your addiction. I wish I had a similar addiction. Twitter has pushed my blog writing aside. 140 characters is much easier. Damn.

    • My views on Twitter –

      WordPress is like writing a journal

      Twitter is like writing on a toilet wall.

      It's good for a chuckle but damned difficult to follow a topic.

  2. I for one hope your scribblings go on for quite awhile.  I would miss my daily dose of common sense amid all the loonacy of the news.

    • I'm surprised my ramblings haven't driven you over the brink yet.  You've been reading for long enough?  How do you manage to stay sane?

  3. Nice to see something that is free of charge. Even if it is only your ionized carbon monoxide. 

    • Maybe I should start charging?  Not a bad idea?  Give the first couple of lines and then pay a nominal amount [say $10] to read the rest?  Heh!

      Incidentally, I use my own isotope of carbon.  Notice the difference?

      • A Head Rambles pay wall, huh? I shall alert the media and an announcement shall be made. That ought to get you some additional attention? That is if the media doesn't erect a pay wall first.

  4. Fuck me, GD, you can't stop harpooning the eejits. That would be wrong. Anyway, there's nothing wrong with a bit of addiction. It can be very therapeutic. I'm addicted to blogs like yours, and I see nothing but benefits from my addiction. If nothing else, it provides me with verification that I'm not the only one who thinks that we are ruled by brain-dead cretins who couldn't think their way out of a paper bag.

    I do worry for the future of the world, though, with such people in charge…

  5. Don't you dare stop writing, I look forward to my daily fix and suffer withdrawal symptoms on the few days you miss, it's always a good read especially when you are mocking the so called elite. Keep going my son, your fans need you. 

    • Maybe I should distil this site into a vaccine?  You could mainline on it [or snort it] any time you liked?  I'd make a fortune too…..

  6. i am rusted on to my daily dose of rambles please keep going . you are providing a service to this young man @77 years old!!!

    • Welcome, Eamonn!  A touch of Irish heritage with a name like that? 
      I'm tempted to make a crack about servicing young men, but I will desist…..

  7. Pleeeeeese don't stop writing, Gramps!  You are one of my daily must-read blogs and, good as the others are too, yours one of the few which can guarantee will have me laughing out loud whilst agreeing with every word.  You would be sorely missed in this small corner of the UK!

    • People seem to be under the misapprehension that I am seeking approbation or something.  I'm not.  I am moaning at the fact that I have to carry o whether I like it or not.  Well, not exactly moaning as I enjoy it, but there seems to be little chance of quitting anyway.

  8. In the old days, writers wrote and readers read – because they wanted to. If you are a natural born writer, you just HAVE to write. You'll get restless writers syndrome if you don't. It's a calling not an addiction! And the fact us readers read it, means we like it.

    The fact that you are soon only turning 66, means you are a spring-chicken compared to some of us – and you have many, many years left to entertain us with your calling! Write on please.


    • I never considered myself a writer though.  After leaving school I never wrote anything [apart from an incredibly boring journal that I kept for a while].  I'm glad I discovered it latish in life, otherwise I would have been forced to write reams of shit over the last decades.  ["you have many, many years left to entertain us" -*moan*]

      My readers do see to be "of a certain age" all right.  Sadly that means I'm probably just preaching to the converted.


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