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  1. I just had a thought. Maybe it's because these prodnoses don't smoke that they grew up mentally retarded. 

  2. So kids brought up with so-called SHS have a lower attention span and lower grades, do they? That would explain why my youngest daughter just got her Master's in international law (with honours), then. And her BA in Arabic (a notoriously 'soft' subject). If she hadn't been exposed to SHS all her childhood, she would probably have done really well.

    On health, the only statistically significant finding to come out of the WHO report (Boffetta et al) on SHS was that children brought up in a smoking household had better health outcomes than children who weren't exposed to tobacco smoke.

    They are compulsive liars. They lie and they lie and they lie, and then they lie some more. They just don't know when to stop. I've ceased to be even slightly surprised at the depths to which Tobacco Control will sink in order to ram their ideology down everyone's throat. They suffer from obsessive compulsive disorder. In their warped perception, the end justifies the means, so lies and deceit are ok.

    • Congratulations to your [appallingly dim] daughter!  Who knows – if she hadn't been exposed to smoke she could be at the top of her game now stacking shelves or flipping burgers?

      What baffles me is that with the lies getting more and more stupid, how someone hasn't called them up on their tatty "research"?  Are people so gullible that they believe second hand smoke only became dangerous a few years ago?

      • Unfortunately, GD, I've come to the conclusion that people are that gullible. Why else would you see comment after comment parroting the TC line on 'SHS'?

        As Goebbels said, if you tell a big enough lie and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.

        What I find odd is that so many ostensibly intelligent people have been gulled. I don't consider myself particularly clever – I left school at 16 and I'm a carpenter – but when they started with the SHS stuff, the bullshit-alert bells started going off in my head at full volume. It's what made me start taking an interest in the whole TC narrative.

        So why are so many superior intellects being comprehensively fooled, when the real evidence is out there for anyone to find? Not to mention the fact that basic commonsense and observation should tell anyone that there's something distinctly fishy about all these claims.

        • I first heard of secondhand smoke when Roy Castle declared [post mortem] that that's what killed him.  Struck me as a load of bollox at the time and I haven't changed my mind since.

          I swear if they declared that smoking causes children to be born with two heads there are enough fucking idiots out there who would reel in horror and take to Farcebook and Twitter to spread "the appalling news".

          • Roy Castle didn't smoke cigarettes, but I believe he wasn't averse to the occasional cigarillo.

  3. The five Furlong children all grew up in a two smoker house in SHS. All are intelligent. Three have degrees – one at doctorate level. One is an interpreter. One runs a successful own business and none are obese. 

    Aaaaarrrrrgh – WHAT a load of BOLLOCKS.

    Glad you pointed it out. I feel better now!

  4. Oh!  Mea culpa!  Mea maxima culpa!  Nisakiman and I must make an appointment to walk into the sea together in penance for our child abuse!  One completing a soft Phd. in physics with astro-physics, the other preparing her master's after limping into the barn with an upper-second in mediaeval and early modern history.  If only I hadn't been so weak!  *sobs uncontrollably, lights tab*

    • Well, it looks pretty conclusive then. Yours and thelastfurlong's experience confirms it – SHS really does make your kids thick. As GD points out, all our kids have now missed out on a fulfilling career stacking shelves or flipping burgers, and all because of our selfishness. It's time for the sackcloth and ashes…

      I bet my daughter is cursing me from her internship at the UN in Bangkok at the moment. Even worse, the British embassy in Phnom Penh is trying to drag her off to work for them there, poor kid. And she's being hassled by a company in Bahrain who act as political advisors to heads of state. And just to think, she could have had a nice little sinecure in Tesco's Swindon branch. Mea maxima culpa indeed, Mac…

      • *Briefly pauses from wailing and rending garments* Oh we deplorable bastards!  Mine never stop cursing me to the uttermost pits of hell, and I bet yours has a mighty right arm from stabbing her voodoo dolly.  I'm so grateful to the scientific paragons of tobacco control for tearing the scales from my eyes and enabling me to realise what a neglectful monster I am…

  5. So this obviously explains why, as a child that had parents who smoked, got top grades in biology, advanced biology, physiology, and advanced physiology all the while maintaining a weight of 145 to 150 pounds at around 6 feet in height throughout high school. Of course, at other subjects I was only mediocre but that's only because I'm naturally stupid.

    • They have come up with some pretty daft ones but this has to be a winner.  Until the next daft one, that is.

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