Our Penny is a strange dog.

There are times when I wish she could talk, though doubtless then I would wish that she would shut the fuck up.  She has this strange habit of developing a fascination for a particular spot and then spends hours just staring at it.  I would love to know what that's about.

Penny walking down the lanePenny walking down the lane to the cottage

Last year when we were on holidays, she picked a spot in the grass beside the lane.  The lane is long and grassy so why she picked this particular spot is beyond me.  Any spare time she had, she would lie staring at this same spot, presumably waiting for something to happen.

I called that spot Penny's Hole.

After we got home, one day she vanished.  I found her in the front garden lying on the grass staring at a spot in the hedge.  She had found Penny's Hole V2.0.  In the days since, whenever she disappears she is nearly always in the front garden staring at her hole.

Naturally I wondered what would happen when we returned to the same holiday spot this year.

Sure enough.

Second day.

There she was – exactly the same spot – staring at her hole again.

Panny's Hole

Maybe she saw a mouse or a grasshopper or something a year ago?  Maybe she has a vivid imagination?

If I ask anyone why my dog insists on staring at her hole all day, I just get funny looks.

Whatever the reason though, she has a fucking great memory.

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Penny’s Hole — 13 Comments

  1. Maybe Penny thinks They're watching you? For a few days past when I couldn't access your site I thought They had conspired to banjax you and leave us all rudderless. I am thinking of some or all of these: the CIA active roaming field operatives in the South-West; the Bilderberg group, acting on a tipoff from Peter Sutherland; the Illuminati, who have power supplied by Electric Ireland; the Knights of Columbanus, who think they walk on water; the Little People, part of a rainbow coalition; the tree huggers who want to ban cigar smoking so they can plant deciduous forests in Cuba; Irish Water, because you threw cold water on Denis O'Brien. Anyway I hope Penny can sniff them out.

    • Maybe They are trying to watch me?  Though they must have microminiaturised their cameras down to the size of a molecule.  That would be a bit sad though – to go to all that trouble and then place their cameras where they can see sweet fuck all except the view up Penny's nostrils?

    • Why is everyone blaming poor Supershadow for everything?  First he's wrecking my site and now he's hiding in the grass/hedge.  He's damn lucky he has me to stand up for him.

    • Hah!  So you reckon she has found a PennyHole – a portal through the space-time continuum through to the fifth dimension?

      Who needs CERN?

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