Back pain — 19 Comments

    • It took three days [or whatever] to draft a simple email?  Wow!  Don't ever think of writing a novel.

        • It went down some time on Saturday morning and came back yesterday [Monday] afternoon.  You really should check more often….

    • You were quick enough to notice it was back though?  Admit it – you have been constantly pressing 'refresh' for the entire weekend.

      • okay I have your site in the bloglovin blog reading feed thingumajig I open the feed daily to see if there are any headlines and snippets that grab the eye and yours does….usually….

        can I have your autograph?

    • Please do NOT mention Supershadow's light sabre on this site.  It conjures up a very nasty image.

  1. I hope you had a wonderful time on vacation (holiday) and didn't think too much about this site but instead focused on not being home.


    • Brilliant thanks!  Complete and utter peace with no distractions.  I did check the site from time to time just to see if was still there.  And then the one time I didn't check, it wasn't.  Such is life?

  2. Sorry GD, didn't notice…..we've had people staying for the past 10 days so I admit I never logged in.  :>(((

    • Something funny there as it was a fault on the server [will I go into technicalities?  Nah!] so maybe I just fixed it in between your moving from iPad to desktop?

  3. I actually have a specially made "Site-is-Down-Due-to-Some-Fucking-Plugin-That-Updates-Itself-and-Kills-the-Site-in-the-Process" extension for Firefox that lets me view your site even though it wasn't really there.

    I also just bought Lamborghini.

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