Smoking, hard hats and the cane — 10 Comments

  1. GD, you sound younger than me, no gravelly voice, no smoker's cough. Not bad interview though.

    • Take my advice – if you want to look young, sound young and feel young then smoke a pipe.

      As for the interview, if I had known in advance what he was going to throw at me then I would have made mincemeat of him.

  2. I bet you just love those typical interviewers….. bloody communists the lot of them!

    • I love the way he introduced my piece saying "Grandad talking about anything that crosses his mind" and then proceeds to set the entire agenda.  Had to spend the whole fucking thing playing catchup!

  3. You do sound young, I was a bit surprised that you sounded quite tame! Must have been caught off guard.

    • I was severely warned in advance.  In retrospect I should have thrown in a liberal dose of "sweet talk".  At least then I would have had my revenge by forcing him to spend hours editing it.

      And I'm a very nice polite bloke anyway.  Haven't you noticed?

  4. It was entertaining stuff! 


    I'm happy to do a repeat whenever you feel like it, you can choose the topics this time, if you like.

    • Welcome to the lion's den, William!  Indeed, as the man says – 'twas a bit of craic. [I'd love to kow who that 'man' is – he says a lot].  I might indeed take you up on that offer.  "An alternative [and realistic] view on life".  Too many politicians get too much airtime.

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