Penny’s Hole — 13 Comments

  1. Maybe Penny thinks They're watching you? For a few days past when I couldn't access your site I thought They had conspired to banjax you and leave us all rudderless. I am thinking of some or all of these: the CIA active roaming field operatives in the South-West; the Bilderberg group, acting on a tipoff from Peter Sutherland; the Illuminati, who have power supplied by Electric Ireland; the Knights of Columbanus, who think they walk on water; the Little People, part of a rainbow coalition; the tree huggers who want to ban cigar smoking so they can plant deciduous forests in Cuba; Irish Water, because you threw cold water on Denis O'Brien. Anyway I hope Penny can sniff them out.

    • Maybe They are trying to watch me?  Though they must have microminiaturised their cameras down to the size of a molecule.  That would be a bit sad though – to go to all that trouble and then place their cameras where they can see sweet fuck all except the view up Penny's nostrils?

    • Why is everyone blaming poor Supershadow for everything?  First he's wrecking my site and now he's hiding in the grass/hedge.  He's damn lucky he has me to stand up for him.

    • Hah!  So you reckon she has found a PennyHole – a portal through the space-time continuum through to the fifth dimension?

      Who needs CERN?

    • Figured you lot out years ago, but if you want to keep deluding yourselves then carry on…..

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