Bill on minimum pricing of alcohol due before Dáil recess

Am I surprised?  No.  When international Nanny Stateists get together it's almost inevitable that Ireland will be in the forefront.  In fact Ireland is rapidly becoming the very definition of The Nanny State.

OK, so they reckon we are a nation of binge drinkers? 

75 per cent of all consumption of alcohol in Ireland is done during binge-drinking sessions. Alcohol was not abused by a small minority, and “the majority of people who drink do so in a harmful way”.

What the fuck?  Alcohol is not abused by a small minority?  The majority of people who drink do so in a harmful way?  Where the fuck do they get this from?  Maybe if they redefined their definition of "binge drinking" to something less ridiculous that drinking three pints at a session it would help?

Or maybe he is just going from personal experience in the [heavily subsidised] Dáil bar?

Mr Varadkar reiterated the Government’s commitment that minimum unit pricing to eliminate very cheap alcohol from stores would be introduced, and said currently “a woman can reach her low-risk weekly drinking limit for just €6.30, while a man can reach this weekly limit for less than €10”.

I'd love to know how that's done?  €6.30 for three units?  He has to be referring to the type of cheap canned lager that's about as alcoholic as gnat's piss.  Good luck with binge drinking on that!

“ultimately, the price needs to be set at a level that will reduce the burden of harm from alcohol use or it will be ineffective – but not so high that it increases the cost of a pint in the pub or a glass of wine in a pizzeria”.

Oh for fuck's sake, wake up Varadkar!  If they have the slightest excuse, of course the pubs are going to lam up the price of drink.  How fucking naïve can you get?

Senator Jillian van Turnhout (Independent) expressed concern about Government departments dealing with drinks companies.

Welcome to the birth of Big Alcohol.  Of course they have to be excluded from all discussion.  Of course anything they say is a pack of lies.  Of course all they are interested in is turning us all into alcoholics.  They are even more evil than Big Tobacco.

Senator Labhrás Ó Murchú (FF) said children were the main victims of the abuse of alcohol, whether in the home or elsewhere, and “that alone should make us more determined and courageous than we have ever been before on this issue”.

Ah!  Of course!  The cheeeeeeldren.  We must think of the cheeeeeeldren

They are crossing a very dangerous line here.

Up until now their Nanny Laws were directed at specific people.  Crash helmets were for mototcyclists, seatbelts were for car drivers and their Anti-Smoker laws were directed at smokers. Each are well defined groups and you either are in that group or you're not.  Now however they are introducing Nanny Laws that are only targeted at a minority section of a group, but which will affect all within that group whether they are problem drinkers or not.

Of course this minimum pricing will fail, just as all their Nanny Laws have failed.  There will still be drunken fights, kids puking their rings up in Temple Bar and fistfights at home.  The gubmint will however scream about how successful their measures have been, but we must introduce more laws to continue the fight against Big Alcohol.

Warning labels, anyone?

Plain packaging??

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Crossing the line — 19 Comments

  1. Regulations? Nanny State? You´ve seen nothing yet. Whatever you do on your lovely island (my father lived i Dublin, Ballsbridge for 21 years so a now a thing or two) I´m convinced that  all stupid rules from stupid people in power is already in place in Sweden. 

    For example: in my country it is absolutely forbidden to cross a street when there is a red light, even in the middle of the night and not a car in sight. Penalty? None, not even a fine.

    Stupid? I just told you so!

    • As far as I know, we have something similar here though it's another one I just ignore.  Some laws are just designed for the brain-dead.

  2. I see prohibition in your future.  Minimum pricing seems like the first step.  Will your gubmint learn anything from history?  Our beer and liquor industry is growing like gang busters. 

    • There are many who would like to introduce prohibition, and I have lost count of the calls to make tobacco illegal.  It won't happen though – the gubmint makes too much money out of excise.

  3. Shame Ireland used to be such a fun place though when I was there last year I don't know how anyone can afford to get drunk. The prices are extortionate.

  4. Saw a classic example of why not nannying has better results in my town the other day.

    Traffic lights at a busy crossroads near all the town's schools were deactivated during roadworks. On any average day there's an accident or near miss also involving a kiddy or pensioner trying to cross the road. My Mrs reckons to report a twit a day for steaming through red lights, round a blind bend, probably while also on the mobile…. so you'd think no traffic lights would mean a 10-car pile-up, mass wipe-out of infants, Yes?

    Nope. Every car, every pedestrian taking more care. Not one incident all day. Make people have to take responsibility and they'll step up. Nag and nanny them and they act like smaller and smaller kids in response.

  5. I'm with Ipse. Sweden leads the planet in nanny statism, closely followed by Aus then comes Ireland and the United Kingdom.

  6. This minimum pricing isn't a problem at all. My bottle of Château Lafite Rothschild  1982 won't be affected price-wise in any significant fashion, so where's the problem? It's just the lager swilling lower orders who will be affected, and they're the ones who need controlling anyway.

    Dunno what all the fuss id about…

  7. <i> “ …. children were the main victims of the abuse of alcohol, whether in the home or elsewhere, and “that alone should make us more determined and courageous than we have ever been before on this issue”. “</i>


    There’s the <i>real</i> danger lurking!  If I hear the argument: “But there’s no such thing as ‘passive drinking …’” from any more complacent non-smoking drinkers, I think I’ll scream …

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