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  1. The M50 around Dublin sounds suspiciously like the M25 around London-a giant fucking car-park for most of the day,& the so-called solution to this seems to be universal-stick up speed cameras to shaft you if you're lucky enough to get above 30mph,& toll booths to shaft you just because they can shaft you.You point out that we are becoming obsessed with money,I think we already are.Sad but true.Whatever you do,don't stop struggling when they try to hold you down!

  2. People used to work to build families and communitys now we work because being an office drone or anything else is now the be all and end all of a humans self worth and identity or/and to pay tax fines and over expensive stuff or get pissed every other day… But nearly never can we afford to build a future now houses are a milstone around your neck and children have been superseded by working 12 hours a day till they outsource you were if your lucky at the end of it all you might have a reference Nd some savings but nothing more.

    Pathetic tbh we allowed this to happen in the west

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