Not to be sneezed at

I caught a bug last week.

This was a bit of a novel experience as since I left work I haven't really had any kind of health that might feasibly be called ill.  Every winter Doc used to ask if I want the flu-jab but he knew I would refuse so he hasn't even bothered offering lately.

I got up on Wednesday.  Everything was fine and dandy, when suddenly at around one in the afternoon I sneezed.  It was a brilliant sneeze – one of those that sends the dog scurrying for cover and has Herself running to see what the noise is all about. 

I wiped the snots off my keyboard and blew my nose, and then I realised something was wrong.  My nose was still stuffed and my eyes were beginning to water.  Sure enough, within the hour I was sneezing constantly, the nose was running like a tap, I had a headache, sore throat, aches and pains all over and was freezing one minute and roasting the next.

I ignored it.

Well, I ignored it as much as possible but my nose kept dripping on the keyboard and I had to keep wiping down the screen so I decided to do other things instead of writing tripe.

By nighttime I was actually ready to go to bed early.  I contemplated medicating myself with a few concentrated whiskies but decided that maybe one headache in the morning would be enough to contend with. 

The following morning nothing had changed.  My pillow was soaked, either from my runny eyes or my runny nose, I'm not sure which.  The throat was still raw and I was still sneezing like the clappers.

Around one, I got one of those tickley sensations.  You know the ones where you want to sneeze but it won't come?  They say to look at a bright light to bring on a sneeze – I don't know why it works, but it does, so I switched on a light and looked straight at it and sure enough, the sneeze arrived. It was a real belter.  I swear I shifted some tiles on the roof.

And that was it.


No sore throat.  Nose clear and dry with not even a tickle.  No aches or pains.  Nothing.

I have heard of the 24-hour flu, but that was ridiculous.

I could have set my watch by it.

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Not to be sneezed at — 5 Comments

    • Stop casting nasturtiums at my mice.  They do a great job here at keeping Penny amused, and as far as I am aware, they smoke cigars.

  1. I write a post about being sick and it gets ignored. You write a post about being sick and it gets 4234.6 hits, a bounce rate of less than 10% and (most likely) 20 or more comments.

    I must be doing something wrong?

    No…wait. I haven't actually written a post about being sick now that I think of it. I'm not actually sick either. Hmm, wonder if I should visit my neighbor? He's usually down with the flu this time of year. I could set my watch by it.


    • It will be many days months years before it gets anything like that number of hits!  I can't wait for that 0.6 hit though.  Does the page only half load?

      Incidentally, I did read your post about being sick.  My reply must have got lost in the post [see yesterday].

      • "Does the page only half load?"

        No, it's probably more likely that the viewer was half loaded.

        As far as the rest of your comment is concerned:

        Ow! Argh!! Pain! Oh the pain! (good one though)

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