Je suis Greek — 7 Comments

  1. My guess, if the EU can't impose their way on Greece (ie: avoid debt forgiveness AND keep Greece in the EU) they'll eventually fuck the place up, royally. Spain election at end of 2015 and the EU will want to put the 'fear of god' into the Spanish to stop them going in the same direction.

    Time for this grand fellow to be resurrected perchance?

    (Meanwhile the Irish government will be hopping from one foot to the other, as they try to keep up with the beat)

  2. most likely the political party in greece will just not do what they said they would in order to get elected status quo will be maintained 

    • They'd get away with that in Ireland, but the Greeks aren't quite so compliant.  They tend to gat a little ansty when riled

  3. I was wondering how come the only word of Greek you know is Domestos (δομέστος) meaning 'structures'?

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