Putting things in the post — 11 Comments

  1. I am forever impressed with the inventiveness of the human race. The creativity involved is positively awe inspiring. Mail boxes, bikes, cars, vacuum cleaners, the list is almost endless. Not to mention cows, dogs, goats, sheep, horses, donkeys and various other fauna. I sometimes think I must have led a very sheltered life, never having availed myself of these exotic delights…

    • You must admit that it is an inspired leap of imagination to think of a post box as an object of passion?

      As you say – we live incredibly narrow sheltered lives…….

  2. “watched for some time… ashamed, disgusted and upset” So upset they couldn’t stop watching? Right!

    Well, she had to watch just long enough in order to claim her £50 (plus £250 from You’ve Been Framed).

  3. I once had some idiot commenting on my blog – years ago – and he never had a kind thing to say. Always critical, but in a very nasty way. This was in the early days of "trolling," and today I'd just block someone like that outright without a reply. Back then I let it go for a while and actually engaged him.

    What got me though, was that he kept coming back. He'd say how awful it was, how not funny it was and that I'd never amount to anything and to just give it up. BUT HE'D KEEP COMING BACK, POST AFTER POST.

    I finally blocked him, only to have him show up a week later with a comment that was something like this:

    "Block me, will you? You only blocked my ISP, idiot! I just went and logged onto another computer! You can't get rid of me, hahaha!"

    Before I blocked THAT particular ISP, I replied, "Not sure who the idiot is here, when you speak of how awful and detestable this blog is and yet you still spend a portion of your life reading it and commenting? I don't waste my time on things that I detest, but I guess that's just me. I'll be blocking this one now, sir, with the hope that you'll find something much more constructive to spend your resources on, because you certainly haven't done anyone any good here. I wish you well."

    He didn't show up after that.

  4. He was also ordered to pay £50 compensation to the victim, £150 court costs and £60 victim surcharge and made to sign the Sex Offenders Register

    At least the post box came out on top.

    • You could be right there.  He doesn't exactly strike me as being a candidate for Mastermind?  [specialist subject – great pillarboxes I have known and loved?]

  5. A mail box? Unbelievable! Who could imagine? Pervert!

    That's why I stick to knotholes in fence posts. If you do it right it just looks like your leaning over the fence–until your eyes cross that is.

    • You have to be careful that the fence wasn't treated with creosote though.  It stings like fuck!

      • Well, you have to know your fences and the material what went into the fence in the first place. Of course it's always handy if the neighbor has a daughter whose willing to run her backside up to the knothole in the fence itself?

        My but this conversation is getting salty isn't it?

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