Festive earache

The following should be consigned to the pits of hell –

That fucking Bing Crosby song.  He can dream all he likes about fucking snow but not in public.  He's a depressing singer at the best of times but that crooning White Christmas shite drives me demented.

Slade.  Who the fuck wants it to be Christmas every day?  Only a fucking moron would want an endless stream of commercialism and tacky bonhomie.  For some unfathomable reason it seems to have been adopted as a sort of festive anthem.  Any shop that plays it is guaranteed to lose my custom for at least six months.

Band Aid – both fucking versions.  It was bad enough the first time but to drag it up again just so Geldof can ease his somewhat overworked conscience is too much.  In fact it would probably be easier to just ban Geldof.

In fact any fucking "music" that mentions the words "Christmas", "Santa" or "Sleigh bells" is a fucking abomination and should be banned for the sake of sanity.

If you want to sing about Christmas, then sing a carol.

And sing it quietly.

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Festive earache — 16 Comments

  1. What?  No mention of "Jingle Bell Rock" ?   It's is the most God-Awful thang ever.   We Yanks have cornered the market for really sappy, Holiday tunes….and other commercial plots.

  2. To boost my annual surge of seasonal compassion I'd like to hear somebody singing a song about wrapping an electric blanket around a freezing snowman.

  3. It gets earlier and earlier every year.  One of the local radio stations started playing Christmas music the day after Halloween!

    • If I heard that on the radio I would simply refuse to listen to that station until the new year.  In fairness, things have become fairly restrained over the last few years here.  This year things were fairly quiet up until the beginning of December. 

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