Loud jumpers

I hadn't heard of this "12 pubs" thing before.

I hear tell it's a thing where people dress up in "festive" sweaters and then do a pub-crawl through twelve pubs?

I suppose I haven't heard of it before because they would be very hard pressed to do that in this area, as you would have to travel miles to even find twelve pubs.

The Righteous are naturally up in arms over this practice, and for once I am entirely in agreement with them.  It is an obnoxious practice and should be smothered in its infancy.  If people want to go on a twelve pub pub-crawl then that is fine by me but those sweaters are an abomination and an assault on the eyes of the beholder and the intelligence of the wearer.  They definitely should be banned.

One interesting thing is the quote from the pub owner who said "We can’t legally say ‘no, we’re not letting them in — outright’".  You see, to ban them outright would be discrimination.  A pub owner can't ban anyone from entering the premises on the grounds of race, colour, creed or even loudness of sweater.  I presume in law if the Union of Suicide Bombers wants to hold a convention in a pub, then the pub owner can't refuse?  Yet there is one class of person he can refuse, and in fact has to refuse in law and that's the smoker.

We are officially classed as a lower order than the scum off the street, the lowest of the low life and the wearers of festive sweaters.

It's a crazy world.

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Loud jumpers — 11 Comments

  1. "We are officially classed as a lower order than the scum off the street, the lowest of the low life and the wearers of festive sweaters"  First bit of sense out of you in ages GD.  🙂

    Of course you're classed as lower than wearers of festive sweaters.
    I'll be svelte and stylish in my flashing Christmas jumper and antler headband.. A cigarette won't do that much for you.

  2. Ah! Good old time. When I was in school in the early 70's we use to call them "pub rally". Teams of 4, We each had to drink 2 draft glasses per pub before reaching the party site where the winning team would be announce. The prize, free beer for the party. No funny sweaters, it was during winter usually at minus 20 celsius.

    • How was the winner decided?  The first home?  The last to pass out?  An interesting game but I can't play it here in the village – only two pubs and I won't go into the other one [too flash and modern and they don't allow smoking].

  3. Many years ago, whilst a postgrad student at Aberystwyth Uni, I came across many a pub crawl. Partly this is because we were students, and partly because with the sea to one side, the Green Desert to the other and the Gogs north of us and the unmentionables to the south, there wasn't too much to do in Aber save get drunk.

    The pub crawl associated with the Welsh-speaking Pantycelyn hall of residence sticks in my mind. A pint to start, and a pint to finish, with a half in each pub in between the start and end, this being thirty six pubs in all. Many embarked on this trek, few ever finished it.

    • Welcome Dr Dan!  Aberystwyth sounds a lot like my village except for having the sea to one side. 

      Quick maths – 34 pubs [minus the two for start and finish] = 17 pints.  Add in the start and finish pints that's a total of 19.  That sounds like one hell of a challenge?  The ones who didn't finish – did you drag them home or bury them on the spot?  

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