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  1. Is my memory playing tricks or was it possible to use the lighter fuel that came in the yellow tin with a nozzle as a source of fuel for model steam trains?

    • I had a stationary steam engine when I was a lad, and the fuel source for that was methylated spirits.

    • The Zippo I have is a pipe version.  Pretty much the same as a normal except that the flame guard is different – designed to be held sideways.

      • I always thought that, same as with cigars, petrol lighters were a no-no because they tainted the flavour of the tobacco. I was always taught that matches were the only way to go. For us common cigarette smokers of course it doesn't matter. Us plebeians wouldn't notice the petrol fumes anyway. And I actually rather like the smell of petrol….

        I use a disposable Bic, by the way. As long as it sparks it up, I couldn't really give a fuck about the source of ignition.

    • Geez there are stacks of them – and that is the whole problem! 

      That video should have a health warning!  I got tired of watching him showing off his fucking $3000 pipe [they saw him coming] but did pick up a possible answer – the Thunderbird / Zippo insert.  Could be interesting?

  2. In a way the time spent lighting and keeping a pipe alight is part of the joy smokers seem to like. Lighting up can be an art, and artistic skill is to be encouraged. It is more constructive than twiddling aimlessly with an iPhone, as I observe so many people doing on buses and trains.

  3. My grandfather smoked a pipe much to my Grand mothers irritation. He lit up using a bit of newspaper poked into the fire. Obviously he did spend a lot of time sorting out the pipe and trying to find the best one ever. 

    The worst thing he would do is spit into the fire. At times he'd miss and the spit would sizzle on the fire frame thing. He did it one New Year and the spit sailed over the "clootie dumpling" which was settling in the hearth awaiting being eaten by the family. We all suspected some spit had maybe hit the clootie dumpling. Luckily Gran was out of the room at the time. She was surprised that we were not that keen on having a bit of dumpling!

    • Welcome Tedious [if I may abbreviate?]!  My father used to cut up old postcards into strips and keep them in a pewter mug on the mantelpiece.  He used to light the pipe [or cigarette] and then flay the spill around to quench the flame which used to spray sparks everywhere and drive my mother mad.  He never set the house on fire though.  Nor did he spit!  I wonder what happened to that pewter mug?…

    • You're a sound man!  Not sure what I'd use a cigar punch for but what the hell…  I've just been spending like mad over the last couple of days so will wait a week or two before placing an order.  Also I wouldn't want the package to get lost in the Festive Mayhem?!

  4. I'm glad you think the thing is a worthwhile investment. I'll expect a full report on performance if you decide to order one.

    Meanwhile, we've got a 3 day storm in progress here, it's currently "snaining" outside and I have to get up bright and early to whatever snow/ice/snush is laying on the roads and take one of our cats to the vet to have him castrated. I always look forward to watching them wobble around afterwards. Says a lot about my life doesn't it?

    Now what that has to do with pipe lighters I haven't a clue. I just thought I'd mention it.

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