Seeing who is pulling the strings

Let there be no doubt as to who rules Ireland these days.

The people of Ireland took to the streets on Saturday in a mass demonstration against the Water Tax.

The problem is though that the gubmint aren’t obeying the electorate as they should – they are obeying our Lords and Masters in the EU.  It is the latter who demanded the Water Tax and having demanded it, they are sitting back leaving us to sort out the mess.

As with the repeat referendums, they are going to keep at us, trying different methods to bully and cajole us into accepting the new tax.  Already we have had the threats – if you don’t sign up you’ll be hammered with a €425 bill, and if they scrap the Water Tax then income tax will be put up by 4%.

Now we have frantic backpedalling, with “revised charges”, reassurances and  Coveney wheedling at us that the gubmint knows what we really want –

I think the Government recognise that, they’re certainly listening to what people said over the weekend. You will see Government responding to this to try and provide more certainty to people and to reassure them that they are not going to be asked to pay an unaffordable fee for water in the future.

The only certainty we want is for the tax to be scrapped.  That is what the marches were about, but Coveney seems to be listening with a deaf ear.

The one thing the gubmint have got right is in admitting that this whole business has been an unmitigated disaster from the outset.  They have spent the best part of one hundred million setting up a white elephant which is already overstaffed and overpaid, having only barely done a day’s work.

In case anyone thinks that a change in gubmint is going to solve anything, the leader of the opposition openly admits that “the Government rammed the legislation through establishing Irish Water in about three hours without adequate debate or engagement with all parties” yet goes on to say that he will pay the charges because it is “the law of the land”.

After all, changing the gubmint is just a change of faces.

The real gubmint is sitting quietly over in Brussels waiting for the money to roll in.

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Seeing who is pulling the strings — 4 Comments

  1. This referendum thing is a Swedish special. Our political class have them all the time and the way they see it is like this video explains (it’s Margot Wallström telling the irish people they are idiots):

    ​I´m sorry, once again.

    Today this lady is our foreign minister so go and hide somewhere, she´s danger in person.

    • I hadn't seen that video before and it is quite frightening – she is told repeatedly that the Irish said No in a democratic process yet she still waffles on and on about how to pass the treaty despite the Irish.  She is blind to logic and can only spout the EU line.  A shining example of EU "democracy" in action.

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