Seeing who is pulling the strings — 4 Comments

    • I consider it's my civic duty to sow the seeds of discontent whenever and wherever possible,  😈

  1. This referendum thing is a Swedish special. Our political class have them all the time and the way they see it is like this video explains (it’s Margot Wallström telling the irish people they are idiots):

    ​I´m sorry, once again.

    Today this lady is our foreign minister so go and hide somewhere, she´s danger in person.

    • I hadn't seen that video before and it is quite frightening – she is told repeatedly that the Irish said No in a democratic process yet she still waffles on and on about how to pass the treaty despite the Irish.  She is blind to logic and can only spout the EU line.  A shining example of EU "democracy" in action.

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