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  1. …people will say that Coleman isn’t qualified or that he is just a TV weatherman.

    Well that's closer to the subject than the railway engineer who heads the IPCC. At least Coleman is working within his field of expertise.

  2. Rajendra Pachauri. I think this is the bloke Nasikiman is referring to. Worked for India Railways.

    MMGW is a busted flush. I wish the bastards would just go away. Sadly, they wont and the costs of this shit are staggering. Our fuel bills in the UK are inflated paying these so called green taxes, resulting in things like the wind farms desecrating the countryside.



    • My bet is that they will carry on with their little scares for a few more years.  Then, just as the world is waking up to the fact that there is no MMGW they'll turn around and tell us that they have stopped GW by all their measures, and that we need ten times more birdmincers and power cuts to continue the good work.  They'll take credit for stopping something that never existed.

  3. They hate us and the West they just want to see the world reduced to the same shit hole status of the third world while they flitter around the world in their jets telling everyone what to do based on the cult of made up science

    • Where there is money to be made….  Just look at the vast sums being transferred around the globe with their fucking "carbon credits", not to mention the manufacturers of all these "green" energy devices?

      • Not only that but likely responsible for the deaths of people due to farm land being put over to bio fuels driveing up food prices and prolonging our dependence on fossil fuels by ramroding money into inefficent silly solar power and wind mills instead of researching actual solutions or building new efficient clean nucular power stations. They also insist piss poor country’s not build useful coal power plants and instead relie on awful solar power devices there by assuring they will never advance economical cheap energy being the hallmark of our economic success.

        Awful people enemy’s of humanity imho

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