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  1. When the lorry drives over the car the roof is already ripped off and there are no bodies in the car.  So according to what I saw no one got hurt in that accident.

    • Maybe it's a message to lorry drivers that they need not stop at a junction as there will always be a driverless car there to stop them?

  2. Horribly mistimed shot. The car was suppose to arrive just after the truck enter the intersection, go under it ripping the roof off in the process converting it to a convertible. Fortunately the people in the car were not wearing seatbelts so they were able to duck and avoid injury. 

    • I doubt anyone would have survived that?  You have to admire the actors who gave their lives for the sake of reality?

  3. As an ex LGV driver for 16 years most of them on articulated trucks this advert just makes no sense at all. Unless the lorry driver had his girl in the cab giving him some, er stimulation and he was at that explosive moment, I just cannot see him charging the junction like that. Even if he was munching a sarnie or even on his phone you don't fly down country roads with no though of the weight of the load or vehicle, the risk of losing control is too great. A more biased load of shite is hard to imagine.

    • I have seen this quite a few times over the past weeks and have come to the conclusion that there is only one scenario possible – there is a steep hill up that side road and the lorry's brakes failed on the way down.  If that's the case then there is damn little anyone could have done about it, and the whole point of the film is a nonsense.

      Or maybe the lorry was being chased by zombies?

    • Same as that, johnny. I drove artics for years, and one of the first things you learn is to judge weight v braking ability. As GD says, the only possibility for a scenario like that to occur is if the truck had just descended a very steep hill and suffered a catastrophic brake failure. Which, as he also points out, negates the whole point of the video. No driver of any vehicle is going to approach a junction at that speed unless he has suicide in mind.

      Utter codswallop from beginning to end.

  4. At 43 seconds, the driver of the car does commit human error in that the vehicle is part way over the centre line but that would not have prevented the accident – just made it happen sooner

    • I noticed that.  Maybe the point is that if he stuck to his side of the road his death would have been sooner and quicker?

  5. No stop signs at all on that junction. My father drove me for an  interview to Intel back in the 90's when I finished college. We crashed into a foreign guy who pulled out of a junction just beyond Urlingford.

    Luckily our car was a tank (Opel Ascona). If it was one of todays cars I doubt we would have survived.  This video brought back memories of it:)

    • I once wrote off a car by smacking into its arse on the Stillorgan road.  The investigators couldn't understand how my little Fiesta could have done so much damage to the other car [the Fiesta had a buckled bumper and bonnet].  I pointed out that it was a diesel model and was built like a tank.  The only thing that stopped me from driving away was some damage to the battery.

      And before anyone says anything – two court cases found the driver I smacked 100% liable for the accident.. 

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