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Those of you who have occasionally read my mellow musings will be surprised to know that I can get quite annoyed at times.

Yesterday was such an occasion when I read of a little speech from our Glorious Tániste [deputy prime minister].

Do you remember the Labour Party?  Yes?  They are the people who used to represent the Working Classes and to protect us from the excesses of Big Business and their ilk?

Our Glorious Tániste, Joan Burton is also the leader of the Labour Party.  She it is who represents the toiling masses, the unions and the oppressed.

Some fucking hope.

She was challenged that the police were being used as a political force against water protesters.  It was pointed out to her that large numbers of Gardaí are being deployed and are intimidating people who are peacefully protesting at an unfair and unjust taxation.  In one estate of 27 houses, no fewer than 19 gardaí were deployed.

Her response?

The protesters “seemed to have extremely expensive phones, tablets and video cameras”.

Here we see the raw thinking of our politicians.  How dare people squander their money on phones, tablets and video cameras?  Don’t they know that every cent they have should be given to the taxman?  If people have anything left after buying their loaf of bread and tin of beans for the week then that money rightly belongs in the gubmint coffers, and the gubmint has every right to take it.

So much for Labour Party roots?

Then she goes on to complain that people are posting videos of police outnumbering and police harassment on YouTube. 

There has been the most extensive filming in relation to any of these actions than I have ever seen anywhere. Hollywood would be in the ha’penny place.”

She then went on to say that all the material that looked controversial was immediately posted on Facebook.

Two points.

Firstly, the protesters are absolutely correct in videoing our Boys in Blue.  It is not only their right but it is their duty to themselves to prevent any “over enthusiasm” by the supposed keepers of the peace.  We all know how easy it is for some placid young gentleman to become a version of Judge Dredd just because he’s wearing a uniform. What Burton really hates is the proof of her lies.

Secondly, there should be no videos to post on social media.  If there is nothing to be ashamed of, then what is there to post?

While I am on the subject of YouTube, it’s only fair that she herself should feature:

[Skip to just after 8 mins if you just want the juicy stuff]

When it comes to Burton, words fail me. 

My seemingly inexhaustible supply of profanities is insufficient. 

I admit defeat.

All I can say is that I hope she gets elected again.

Cunt of the Year 2014.

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Vote for Burton — 5 Comments

    • As far as I can see, if you stood our three main parties side by side, you wouldn't be able to tell one from another.  They all have the same philosophies and ideologies [i.e. screw the electorate and keep power as long as possible], with the only difference being in how they screw us.  In other words, just like the UK mob.

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