Cheap as chips

Who said there was a housing crisis in Ireland?

House prices really have come down.

Fancy a house for €70?

€70 house

Or how about going upmarket a bit and splashing out an extra tenner?

€80 house

Leastwise, Borrisokane seems to be the number one spot in Ireland to get the fuck out of?

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Cheap as chips — 6 Comments

  1. On my way to Galway this afternoon, I heard them going on and on again on Radio 1 about how there needs to be more housing built.  You lot have hundreds, if not thousands of houses, sitting empty now.  They are banging on about the same thing in the states about how we need more housing when there are tens of thousands of houses sitting empty!  It's madness! 

    • The country is crawling with empty and decaying housing estates.  In the meantime the gubmint seems to be doing everything in its power to encourage another building boom.  Madness indeed!

  2. That lovely little cottage for only €70? That's $88 and change (US). Guess Laurie and I can take up your invitation to move to Ireland after all once she retires.

    Now, what was that thing again about Irish Water?

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