Irish Water Contract — 6 Comments

  1. What happened to the great Euro ideal of free trade? I would think that only one (approved) supplier of water would be a monopoly and thereby in breach of the fatherland's euro laws!

    • My prediction –

      Foreign companies will be allowed in because of free trade rules.

      Those foreign companies will take over 99% of the business, because Irish Water will artificially inflate their prices to be uncompetitive.

      Irish Water will quietly leave the scene leaving the entire mess in the hands of the Chinese or Russians.

  2. Interesting piece, I was really wondering what to do with their little "welcome pack". How did you return it to them? Did you stamp it, registered post or free return to sender by going to the post office?

    • Simply blank out the window with your name and address [use tape or black marker].  Then simply write "No contract, No consent.  Return to sender" and pop it in the post box/post office.  Some suggest that you register it as proof of postage.

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