Ban the car and not the smoker — 5 Comments

  1. I wish they would get on hit the accelerator up this banning of stuff they pretend they don't like. They have no comprehension the road they are on goes over a cliff.

  2. I keep mine in the boot – that way, I can smoke and the buggers don't need seat belts either.

  3. So, from what I have read, the age of "the child" is up until 18 years old, now as you probably know, most people start smoking from around age 12/13/14, so, they are going to fine a below 18 year old,who is seen smoking in the car,for causing harm, to themselves!!!!, now that makes tons of sense.

    • Welcome Elwyn!  Indeed, you can legally drive a car at 17 here, but have to be 18 to [legally] smoke.  So a 17 year old can be done for smoking while underage and for driving a vehicle and smoking while a child [himself] is present.  He is literally being protected from himself.  Insane.

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