Too much

Today is what I would call a typical summer's day.

The sun is shining, and there are fairly frequent showers.  There is a bit of a wind blowing which, while not cold isn't exactly conducive to stripping off on a beach [or anywhere else for that matter].  It's the kind of day when you wouldn't have a clue what kind of clothing to bring on a walk.

I had to nip down to the shop earlier.

Mal the Man who owns the place was on duty. 

Now Our Mal is a man of few words.  He is they type you would least expect to find at a party regaling a laughing mob with hilarious tales.  Maybe laconic would be a fair description.  Leastwise the most you can expect from him is a grunt when you ask for a paper of tobacco.  It's not that he is rude or unfriendly or anything like that – it's just that he rarely has anything to say.  

I was somewhat surprised when he actually passed a comment.

"A bit too much weather today".

I couldn't argue with that.

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