Working down the list — 6 Comments

  1. You need a couple of pigs to deal with those branbles effectively. Just through a couple of handfuls of peas into the thme and the pigs will dig up the brambles for you. Might make a mess elswhere though or why not lift a few brambles and put them over and around the water bandits 'connection' point.

    It doesn't bear thinking about what bushes you'd be trimming in an apartment…

    • Theoretically a good idea about the brambles, but do I want police crawling all over the place?

      The brambles have been carefully trained and cultivated around that stop-cock thingy.  I almost feel sorry for anyone attempting access.  Almost.

  2. What has Herself been doing whilst you have been working?   Or is it that she has done the work and you are claiming that it was you?

    • I am a true gentleman in that I gave her the very short list.

      All she has to do is re-roof the back of the house and clean out the septic tank.

  3. If my faoulous lawns haven't been cut for a while, I usually leave the grass there and go over it again two days later to mulch it up (or down)! QED

    • I have to leave the grass lie too.  Otherwise I would spend my time emptying the hopper [which usually clogs if the grass is damp anyway].  The only problem is that the cuttings always end up covering the same patches of lawn so the grass is irretrievably deceased in those spots.  Damned if I'm going to rake it though……

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