The longest night

Herself has to be up in Dublin tomorrow as she is due in theatre.

I don't mean an acty kind of theatre, more the bright lights, green gowns and facemask type.

It poses a drop of a conundrum though.

You see she has to report into the hospital at six forty-five in the morning, which quite frankly in my book is a time that should be reserved solely for insomniacs and burglars.  However, these things must be done which leads to my conundrum.  How do I get her there?

There are several options that I can think of.

1.  I could drop her up to the hospital tonight with a sleeping bag and she can sleep outside on the pavement.  I must say this is my favourite solution but I have a sneaking feeling it may lead to years of repercussions in the following years.  I would never fucking hear the end of it.

2. I could blackmail the daughter to bring her up.  If I discreetly dropped the word "inheritance" into the conversation, that might do the trick?  Anyway they would be bound to wake me so that sort of defeats the purpose.

3. I could book a taxi.  Damned expensive and the driver would wake me anyway.  That's out.

Now we are facing into the two least pleasant options.

4. I could set the alarm and drive her up myself.  The problem here is that I rarely go to bed before two in the morning so setting the alarm for five would catch me in the middle of my favourite dreams.  Anyway I tend to have a very restless night if I know I am going to be bombed by an alarm-call.  And don't suggest I go to bed early as I can never get to sleep before my going-to-sleep time so I'd just be tossing and turning anyway.

5.  I could just take a fuck-it attitude and forget about bed altogether. 

I'm torn between the last two and the last one wins out slightly on merit.  I hate tossing and turning in bed and three hours of it would seem like twenty four.  On the other hand I can doze quite happily in my armchair no matter what time of day it is.

One way or another, it's going to be a long night.

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The longest night — 10 Comments

    • If I book myself in too, apart from the expense, I'd still have to choose between 5 and 6.

      If I booked just Herself in, I'd be back to the repercussions bit again.  See 1.

  1. At least you can have a few shots of whiskey to get you through the night.Oh shit sorry about that, you're driving early in the morning.I was just trying to be helpful.

  2. Either threaten the daughter into doing it or bite the big one and stay up all night and take her.  She can hitch hike home.

    • I never thought about hitch hiking.  I doubt thee would be many driving up to Dublin at that ungodly hour though.  Hitch-hiking home could well be a runner though.  Save me two trips?

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