The longest night — 10 Comments

    • If I book myself in too, apart from the expense, I'd still have to choose between 5 and 6.

      If I booked just Herself in, I'd be back to the repercussions bit again.  See 1.

  1. At least you can have a few shots of whiskey to get you through the night.Oh shit sorry about that, you're driving early in the morning.I was just trying to be helpful.

    • It's the thought that counts.  Mind you – I might be early enough to escape any check-points?

  2. Either threaten the daughter into doing it or bite the big one and stay up all night and take her.  She can hitch hike home.

    • I never thought about hitch hiking.  I doubt thee would be many driving up to Dublin at that ungodly hour though.  Hitch-hiking home could well be a runner though.  Save me two trips?

    • Apart from a bit of rising damp and some cracks in the ceiling, she has never been better, thanks.

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