The Flight of the Bumble Bee

I just had a rather surreal experience.

I was sitting here at the window, idly contemplating nothing in particular, as one does of a Sunday afternoon.  Penny was asleep on the couch opposite me snoring gently.  All was quiet and tranquil apart from a blackbird singing in the trees outside.

Net thing – PUFF!  A Bumble Bee flew through the room.

Now you may think this is normal and may be wondering why I should even bother mentioning it, but believe me – it was fucking weird.

You see, the bee commenced his flight in the middle of the room.  He didn't take off from anywhere.  He was just there – flying.  One instant there was nothing and the next instant he was flying at full throttle mid-air. Where the fuck did he come from?  He made both Penny and me jump.

Those of you who are familiar with Bumble Bees will know that they aren't exactly sophisticated flying machines.  They have one speed which will not vary until they smack into a window pane.  They also tend to be noisy so you can always hear them approach.

I therefore discounted a theory that this bee had approached in silent mode and had then slammed on the afterburners mid-flight.  Unless they are developing stealth warfare, I think that was unlikely.  For the same reason I also discounted the theory that he had been flying supersonic and had just decelerated below Mach 1 in my sitting room.  Anyway I would have noticed the sonic boom.

Another theory that crossed my mind was that God in his infinite wisdom had edited the film badly and had introduced a continuity error in the film of life.  A bee that wasn't there in one frame appeared in the next.  I discounted that also as there were no other breaks in continuity.

That left me with only one possibility – I had witnessed time travel first hand.

Someone in the future [though it could have been in the past?] will be fucking around with a time travel machine, and for the lark will decide to zap a Bumble Bee and transport it back to 2014 whereupon it materialises mid-air in my sitting room, wondering what the fuck just happened.  It's the only plausible explanation.

If that's the case, then that's fine by me, though I would rather get a little warning in advance.

I'm just worried my time travel friend will start experimenting with elephants.

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The Flight of the Bumble Bee — 14 Comments

  1. it comes as no surprise to me that it was a bumble bee, I have seen a lot of stories in the paper about the fall of in the number of honey bees worldwide.

    is it possible they have evolved to the point where they can move in time or dimensions?


    • I have noticed a hell of a lot of Bumble Bees this year.  I tend to leave the door to the garden open and they frequently fly in, bash off a few windows, drive the dog mad and fly out again.  They also seem to be extra large this year for some reason?  Today though I had the door closed as there is a bit of a breeze which makes my visitor even stranger.

      Maybe the Bumble Bees are eating the Honey Bees?

  2. Maybe bees have developed transporter technology so they can beam directly from hive to flower. This one could just have got it's co-ordinates wrong.

    • Another very plausible explanation.  After all, they can defy the laws of aerodynamics so maybe they have developed teleportation also?

  3. I see no problems with bees having inter dimensional travel sorted out. Cats and dogs have ESP sorted as they definitely see and experience things that we seem incapable of seeing or experiencing. Lately I have also notice the good lady and myself are becoming increasingly aware that if one of us puts t'kettle on by the time it boils the other is walking in the front door.

    But the weirdest thing round here is the quietness around the place and by place I am referring to a town of 60,000 individuals. It really feels as though there is a massive change underway but it's a change I cannot define.

  4. You are probably aware that scientists proved long ago that bumble bee flight was impossible. So they are clearly sad deluded creatures that think they can fly. It seems that on this occasion their delusion spread to you once they got within hypnotic range.

    I hope that clears thing up.

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