Nanny State encourages canibalism — 11 Comments

  1. Oh hell, my Grandmother use to give us little paper cups of beer in the summer.  She was no fool.  A half and hour later we were all asleep.

    • Nowadays the Nanny State would send around a lynch mob for that!  Those were the days……….

  2. If we get the timing right, the sugar-rush hits just as their parents come to collect them.

    Oh, now that's evil, GD! 🙂

    There were fat kids and skinny kids and everyone minded their own business and no one, least of all the state would have gone around pointing fingers.

    Except that in those days in the playground, "fatso" and "twiglet" were common currency. Nowadays, anyone but the state using that sort of language will be marked for 're-education', a la N Korea. Very non-PC to be 'fattist' or ' thinnist'. Almost as bad as 'racist' and 'climate denier'. Unless, as I say, you work for 'Public Health', or some other state department, in which case you are doing it for their own good.

    • Maybe the fatsos of this world should get together and bring a court case or two charging Nanny with "minority discrimination" or some such.  In fact I can think of one or two minority groups who would benefit enormously from such an action!

  3. Had a blood test recently.  The nurse said she loved children – but could not eat a whole one.

  4. As my grandsons are 1200 miles away I don't get to see them all that often (except on Skype).  When I do "spoiling" is the order of the day.  Who are these busybodies anyway?

    By the way I must be older than you GD, I distinctly remember rationing coming off sweets,

  5. just realised, of course you were in Ireland, perhaps you didn't have sweet rationing?

    • I don't remember any mention of it.  I do remember the sweet shops being stuffed with penny-bars.  God but I loved those penny-bars  Anyone remember the Cough-no-More bars?

  6. There are two Ns in cannibalism. Pedantry apart, you are right about grandparents treating their grandkids. Treating the grandkids is a time-tested custom that no medics or childcare experts can take away from us. Lollypops should be given to children who eat all their frogs eyes dessert, but for old time’s sake bountiful grandparents should buy an extra lollypop to lick themselves.

    • Bollox!  That's what I get for relying on WordPress to check my spellings.  It didn't give me a red squiggle so I assumed it was alright.  [It's not a word I use on a day to day basis]

      We have a stash of stuff here for the grandkids.  We buy on the basis of sugar content and E Numbers.  Kids need a balanced diet.

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