How could I forget?

I have frequently extolled the virtues of a crap memory.

There is that wonderful ability to read my favourite books time and time again, having forgotten what they were about or how they ended.

Equally I can enjoy old films having forgotten completely that I have seen them before.

Everyone knows my memory is shite so they don't expect me to remember their names.

There are one or two drawbacks however.

On Friday I went looking for my passport.

I should explain that I have little places around the gaff where I keep important things and other places where I keep my really important things.  Now I class passports as being really important as they are really fucking difficult to get in the first place, so I went to my really important spot.

No passports.

I couldn't understand this as my system is pretty much foolproof.  To be on the safe side I checked where I keep the merely important stuff.

No passports.

I hate losing things as it gets me into a state where I start ripping the place asunder, and even when I take a breather the old head is still mentally searching all those places where the lost item could possibly be.  I can have no rest until the item is found.

I spent Friday evening ripping the house apart.  I checked everywhere.  I checked all the cupboards, all the drawers and the refrigerator.  I checked the old suitcases and the briefcase where I keep my magazines personal papers.  I checked Herself's underwear drawer I was so desperate.  I checked the car out though I knew the passports couldn't be there as I had cleaned the car out not so long ago.  I still checked it though.  Three times.  They weren't in the microwave either.

I woke yesterday still wondering where the fuck two little passports could be hiding.  I had tried everywhere.  I checked the car again, as something at the very back of my mind was telling me that I was getting warm there.

I spent the entire day ripping my junk room office apart because logic told me that's where they had to be.  I found loads of interesting things and while I was at it I threw away half a ton of junk and shredded another half ton of papers that I mightn't want certain people to see.

Still no passports.

There was still that nagging thought that the car was the place to look though.  I don't know why, particularly as I had searched it at least three times.  I searched it a fourth time, and then a fifth.  Did you know that boiled sweets in a glove compartment can get really fucking sticky after a few years?

And then something happened.  A glimmer of a memory had flitted in and out of my brain like a bee flying in one window and out another.  Something about a really neat hiding place? 


There are pockets on the back of the front seats, but they are so well hidden they look like part of the seat.  I owned the car for years before I even discovered them, and naturally I had forgotten about them again.

There were the passports.  I must have slipped them in there the last time we came back from France three years ago, and I have been driving around with them ever since.

You have no idea how relieved I was.  You see, the bloke who made them for me is now in the South of Spain.

And naturally I have forgotten his address.

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How could I forget? — 12 Comments

  1. I would comment on your post here but I forgot what I was going to say. And that being said, I think I'll go read a book that I've probably read several times before–I think. That is if I can remember what bookcase it's in.

  2. And the question that will never be challenged for an answer – if you had traded in the car for a new non-leaky variety, might you have remembered…….

    • Damn!  I hadn't thought about what might have happened if I sold the car.  The chances are I would have sold the passports as part to the bargain.  At least I am unlikely to forget to check those pockets now?

  3. GD,I am missing my driving license and my passport because,as they are "important documents" I put them in a SAFE place.I have not been able to find them for the last year. 

    • Try looking for something else.  I usually find lost items when I least expect to, and simply because I am looking for something else.  A sort of "so that's where that got to" moment.

      • So later when you need something that you lost before that you found when you were looking for something you recently lost you might end up forgetting where the thing is that was lost before that you found when you were looking for something that you recently lost?

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