How could I forget? — 12 Comments

  1. I would comment on your post here but I forgot what I was going to say. And that being said, I think I'll go read a book that I've probably read several times before–I think. That is if I can remember what bookcase it's in.

  2. And the question that will never be challenged for an answer – if you had traded in the car for a new non-leaky variety, might you have remembered…….

    • Damn!  I hadn't thought about what might have happened if I sold the car.  The chances are I would have sold the passports as part to the bargain.  At least I am unlikely to forget to check those pockets now?

  3. GD,I am missing my driving license and my passport because,as they are "important documents" I put them in a SAFE place.I have not been able to find them for the last year. 

    • Try looking for something else.  I usually find lost items when I least expect to, and simply because I am looking for something else.  A sort of "so that's where that got to" moment.

      • So later when you need something that you lost before that you found when you were looking for something you recently lost you might end up forgetting where the thing is that was lost before that you found when you were looking for something that you recently lost?

  4. You can get some excellent documents from some solid chaps in the fair city of Glasgow… allegedly.

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