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  1. They didn't mention Patrick's bridge in Cork in that report either. Then again, those sales take place mostly after 5.30 knock off time for civil servants!

    • There's a great idea for a website – a map showing the locations and times to find Man With a Van?  Trouble is those Anti-Smoker bastards would see it too….

  2. Sounds like another good excuse to fine the bejeezus out of anyone who dares smoke anywhere and in any way. So what's next? The ASP (Anti-Smoking Police) squad sitting around in unmarked vans pointing infrared/thermal sensor guns at your general vicinity? Another fine way to line the coffers of the politicians who voted for this idiocy government.

    • It's all down to vindictive bullying and nagging.  They are doing it because they can.

      They are starting to apply "the tobacco template" to other lifestyles of which they disapprove.  How soon before the overweight and the drinkers wake up to this?

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