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  1. You said
    "However, if I were to grant myself the luxury of one regret, it would be that I failed to have confidence in myself until it was much too late."

    I say
    "However, if I were to grant myself the luxury of one regret, it would be that I failed to say fuck it at a tender age."

    • More or less the same thing!  "Fuck it" and "Fuck off" would have been the cornerstones of my philosophy.

  2. I agree with every word in the article and so far in the comments. My life would undoubtedly be different than now, not that I regret anything I did good or bad too much, life is too short but it would have been good to realize I had the gift of the gab when I was much younger and the confidence to have utilized it.

    • I have had a damned good life on the whole.  I know though that it might have been a little better in places if I had had the strengths I have since discovered.  However I am not complaining and am very happy where I am now.  As you say – life is too short for regrets and je ne regrette rien.

  3. Life is a fantastic journey.  If we knew the details along the way, there would be no point in living.  Yes, I would have avoided some serious mistakes, but at least I learned important lessons to make life better. Sorry, have to go now to pick Spring blossoms.  No time to try again.

    • One point to ponder for those who want to relive their lives – just remember the years of tedious school homework!

  4. Imagine going back in time and knowing what you know now. You would have to keep very quiet about it or they'd have you sectioned. 

    • Heh!  True.

      "But Sir, there is no need for you to teach us arithmetic because we will all have computers and telephones we slip in our pockets, and we needn't learn stuff off by heart because there will be a thing called the Interweb where we can find any fact we want"

      Padded cell time, all right…… 

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