Plotting holidays

There is something I have been meaning to do for a while.

I finally went and did it.

It was just one of those idle brain-fart ideas where I thought I would plot every holiday I have spent in Ireland.

That is not so easy as I haven't a clue what years I went where when I was young, so I decided to confine it to years since I was hitched shackled married.  This meant going back over nearly forty years but luckily i had kept records for some of that time.

The strange thing is that I have records of holidays I don't remember at all.  Apparently we spent a holiday in a place called "Quilty" which could be the name of a place or a house or even the name of the people who ran the joint.  I do vaguely associate the name with a rather genial couple so it must have been a bed and breakfast place.  It was in County Clare, where there is a village called Quilty but I don't ever remember being there.

Then there are memories of events and places that have no records, such as eating a beautiful dish of wild salmon in a place on Valentia Island, so we must have had a holiday near there at some stage.

There were a couple of surprises.  We spent one holiday [1985] in a wooden chalet which I expected to be long gone, but it's still there.  Then there was a beautiful country hose hotel in Dunmore East [1999] that we loved, but that's just a hole in the ground now.

So my quest to map all my holiday destinations remains incomplete which is a pity.

I think we have the island fairly well covered though?

Holiday locationsUPDATE:

Cat has risen to the challenge.

Cat's Holidays

Damn!  Either Cat is a holiday fanatic, or I haven't been going away enough…….

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Plotting holidays — 10 Comments

    • Being coastal is somewhat of a coincidence.  In fact that map pinpoints the location of some of Ireland's finest dispensers of stout.  That too is a coincidence?

    • Heh!  Good old Killykeen Forest Park.  They used to have beautiful log cabins there but I don't know if they are still running.  We got a special deal which was too good to pass.  One of the few inland destinations and the only one without a decent pub nearby [see  above].

  1. The island of Ireland covers 84,431 square kilometers

    Nova Scotia covers 55,491 square kilometers

    just curious thought I'd post a comparison. We vaca alot round home and connecting provinces. Looking forward to an eventual trip to Ireland.

  2. You haven't stayed in Athlone, Birr or Mullingar, and appear to have avoided the Bog of Allen completely. You haven't been to the Real Ireland GD.

    • If I had plotted every holiday including pre-1975 then the map would be considerably more crowded.  For example I cruised the River Shannon a couple of times, so Athlone indeed would have been honoured on the map.  Nowadays though, the Midlands are just somewhere to travel through on the way to decent scenery.  😉

  3. I figured it out that would be past 20 yrs, most of it traveled in past 10 yrs. Every long weekend, plus 5 weeks holidays we drive the diesel everywhere we can, most often to the ferry terminal to take an ocean trip somewhere. Quite possibly we are fanitics most definately goofies and no kids so easier for us to do.

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