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  1. He's going to evolve into a DGC if he stays in politics for any length of time, so you might as well assume that he's already achieved that status.


    Once he was elected the first time, any empathy that he might have had will have been removed by chainsaw. As a result it doesn't matter what you think of him because he can't understand.

  2. "Enthusiastic naivety or a devious grasping cunt?"

    The latter I'm afraid, its genetic for the politico's, its the only thing they know, getting the most for the least amount of effort. Fucking arseholes the lot of em.

    Angry of Rochdale……….

  3. So Si has been asked to 'allow' his name to go forwards. Bully for him.

    Seems he wasn't the first choice

    "the preferred choice among many within the Fine Gael leadership following the surprise decision by former Irish Farmers’ Association (IFA) chief John Bryan to withdraw his name from the running earlier this month."

    Nor it seems second, third, fourth, fifth, six or even seventh.
    "But several other potential candidates ruled themselves out, including government chief whip Paul Kehoe. Waterford TD John Deasy, Carlow-Kilkenny deputy John-Paul Phelan, Senator Michael D’Arcy and Harris’s constituency colleague Andrew Doyle."

    Dear god is there no fire in Irish bellies these days, present company excepted of course.


  4. Grandad, he sounds sincere.  That doesn't mean he is but he has a good writer.  I have to bring up Lou Barletta who is my congressman in our House of Representatives in Washington.  He IS a good man who fights for me and my rights and that's a rare thing in Washington DC.

  5. I see the hills of Wicklow are still alive with the sounds of music, gunshots and tourists's dying screams.

    He'll be a cunt alright Grandad. If he is claiming he will have any influence at all in Brussels he is generally leering at you through his own hoop.



    • Welcome back, Cap'n!  Still here.  A little bit older, a little bit wiser and one hell of a lot fucking angrier!

  6. If all those others have decided to pull out there must be a reason. Probably because it will jeopardize their political prospects and/or their E.U. lifetime 'thieved off the citizens' pensions. I suspect he is being side lined politically, if he is in Brussels he can't go poking his nose into places in Irish politics where he is not wanted, at the moment, giving him the benefit of the doubt, he is too honest for the banana republic politics of Ireland.

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