Outrageous times — 5 Comments

  1. All the outraged are sado/masochists.They ignore the off switch on the radio or whatever is causing the ire,they then insist on inflicting their "outrage" on anybody prepared to listen.


  2. The masses must be kept occupied with "important" items like inane contests and celebrity trials, celebrity is used very loosely in this case. That keeps their minds off of inconvenient details like unemployment, armed invasions, massively corrupt politicians. I realize the description of politicians as been corrupt is redundant. 

    • Indeed, game shows and celebrity trials in our time perform the same function as gladiatorial contests and throwing christians to the lions did during the good old days of the Roman Empire. Same goes for the razzmatazz Eurovision song contest.

  3. Listeners who are outraged should switch off the darn radio, and tv for that matter, and go outside to listen to the singing of the wild birds. I like your equating the sound of cats fighting in a barrel with the sounds of Bono. One thing in favour of squalling cats is that they don't put their money in offshore accounts. If you don't care for Bono you could try Bach and Beethoven.

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