A branch of the family tree

We had a little bit of a wind last night.

Nothing drastic, just a bit of a Force 10, or a Force 11, and maybe even reaching Force 12 at times.

Once again the poor old Silver Spruce has suffered.

I like that tree.  It sits in a corner of the lawn and minds its own business.  It's quite a grower too, having just about doubled its size in the last ten or twelve years.  I had to cut the bottom branches off just so I could get around it.

Silver Spruce

The big problem with that tree though is that any time we have a bit of a puff, it tends to shed branches.  And when I say branches, each branch is a tree in its own right.  Great fuck-off yokes that require a chainsaw to cut 'em up before I can even move 'em.

You may notice from the photograph on the bottom right corner there is another large branch down as a result of the breeze last night?  The poor tree is getting a bit threadbare.  Like myself.

If I remember correctly, my mother gave that tree to my father as a present about forty five years ago.  It was a tiddly pathetic little yoke, only a foot or two in height, but it has managed to grow a bit since.

She probably gave it to him as a birthday present, and it's one of the reasons I don't want to fell it.  It's his tree.

Today is his birthday.

He would have been one hundred and one.

He wouldn't have liked being that age.

Thinking of you, Dad.

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A branch of the family tree — 9 Comments

  1. There were a few trees down around  here as well in fact I could not get down our wee road this morning until they (?) moved a fallen tree. But it's not as bad here in Wicklow as it is in the West and in the UK.

    • Sure it's only a bit of wind.  They're all going mad with their Red Warnings and their Orange Warnings.  I'll start to worry when they raise the storm cone.

  2. I have a cousin who insists on say that too. "… if dad was alive today he'd be 104. …"

    I always answer if my great grandad Albert was alive today he'd be 193.

    For some reason she doesn't see the similarity…

    Ah well. Have a great relaxing holiday, Grandad (that's you, btw), looking forward to next year (statement and question).

  3. It's a good mature but prone-to-moult tree you have in the garden. Blame the Big Wind and not the branches for the mess that happens at the bottom sometimes. I lived in a childhood home that had a towering mature ash tree at one corner. A symbol of natural solidity and a good attractor of wild birds. Let us appreciate the dignity of good trees, without indulging in treehugging mysticism.

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