A branch of the family tree — 9 Comments

  1. There were a few trees down around  here as well in fact I could not get down our wee road this morning until they (?) moved a fallen tree. But it's not as bad here in Wicklow as it is in the West and in the UK.

    • Sure it's only a bit of wind.  They're all going mad with their Red Warnings and their Orange Warnings.  I'll start to worry when they raise the storm cone.

  2. I have a cousin who insists on say that too. "… if dad was alive today he'd be 104. …"

    I always answer if my great grandad Albert was alive today he'd be 193.

    For some reason she doesn't see the similarity…

    Ah well. Have a great relaxing holiday, Grandad (that's you, btw), looking forward to next year (statement and question).

  3. It's a good mature but prone-to-moult tree you have in the garden. Blame the Big Wind and not the branches for the mess that happens at the bottom sometimes. I lived in a childhood home that had a towering mature ash tree at one corner. A symbol of natural solidity and a good attractor of wild birds. Let us appreciate the dignity of good trees, without indulging in treehugging mysticism.

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