Is there anything more real than reality?

According to Google, there is.

They seem to think that their latest invention actually adds to reality

I have seen their promotional video yoke that shows people skydiving and doing “everyday stuff”, and I wonder precisely what kind of everyday stuff does Google imagine we are doing?  Are my friends really going to sit in a group around a laptop and utter “awesome” in a hushed whisper as they watch me sup a pint?  I doubt it.

Granted I can see some situations where they might be handy, such as calling up a technical diagram when trying to fix something, but basically this is a toy aimed at the brain-dead. .  It is just pandering to that sad section of yoof that just has to have the latest technical gizmo.  Do you have a feeling of zero self worth?  Do you have a two-inch penis?  Buy Google Glass and you will be the envy of your friends [if you have any].

Life is bad enough with people apparently talking to themselves until you realise they have one of those mobile phone gizmos in their ear.  Now we are going to have idiots talking to their glasses, waving their hands and shaking their head, while they give instructions?  Doing the Google Shake?

And these yokes are supposed to get all their information from the Interweb.  How?  Are they relying on wifi? Where is this wifi supposed to exist?  I have a little toy on my mobile phone that sniffs out networks and they are usually all encrypted to how is Google going to get around that?  And how am I supposed to awsomise my friends when I up on a mountain top where the nearest wifi is probably a satellite 22,000 miles in space?  And if I have to rely on my mobile phone operator then I am going to have phone bills the size of the EU debt.  They haven’t thought that one through, have they?

Twats are going to buy these things though.  They think they will look cool.  They think we will look on in envy.  They think we will all want to be their friends

Personally I shall just laugh at them for being the gullible idiots that they are.

How to tell the world that you are a gullible idiot.

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Low spec — 8 Comments

  1. Like all new inventions, there will be a few people doing amazing things, and a herd of idiots being stupid. Also like  other new inventions, such as video tape and inexpensive cameras, you can expect large amounts of G-Glass porn to clog the tubes of the interwebs. 

    Perhaps we should outlaw all forms of communications more advance then the goose quill and ink well. 

      • Maybe they were inspired by hundreds of people wandering into shops and asking if the shops sold computers embedded in spectacles?  I can't see it though.  [*pun intended*]

    • You only have to look at the utter shite that appears on YouTube.  The bloody camera in the mobile phone was a fucking disaster for society, and now we have people with cameras permanently at the ready?

    • Jayzus but they're going from bad to worse.  What the fuck is Social Inclusion and what about it costs €30 a week?

      If they are allowed decide what people sped on specific items, I presume they will have no problem with us deciding exactly how much they can spend?

  2. I'm about as low spec as they come. I mean, the only thing I own that's mobile is a 6 year old, non-smart TracFone (still works fine, thank you). The ThinkPads we have don't count as mobile as they never leave the house. They just keep us from having to climb the stairs to get to the computer room. I guess they're "inner-mobile"? Now I'm even worried about all these banking, sites, retail sites, Facebook and even Google itself going to a mandatory 2-factor authentication system for logging in that requires a smart phone to do so (for scanning the "secret code" on the login page). Next I suppose I'll require these bloody Google Glasses to take a whiz? Scan the bar code on the toilet before the lid opens?

    Now to a couple of points:

    "Do you have a two-inch penis?" Only since my last abdominal surgery. Guess I shouldn't have told my surgeon that "I'd do her in a minute she was a bit younger"?

    "Twats are going to buy these things though." Yup, and they'll probably get punched in the face shortly thereafter.

    And I'm sure that there will be a whole slew of new style porn from idiots who wear these things while having sex. Although I suppose it's easier than taping a smart phone to your forehead. Sometimes up close and personal is too up close and personal.



    • Never slag a nurse or surgeon before an operation.  You should know that.  You're lucky she left you two inches.

      The only bank I have real trouble with is my off-shore one that takes me half an hour to log into.  If any of my accounts insist on a mobile phone thing, I'm fucked.  I had one of those useless little bar code readers on the phone but I junked it.  Had to make space for Angry Birds.

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