There was a wee explosion and fire in the basement of this here site yesterday.

Unfortunately, no one was injured so the event lacked the drama so required for a news item these days.

Anyhows, the bit that blew up has been consigned to the dump and another piece from another manufacturer put in its place. 

The piece that blew up and the piece that replaces it are supposed to make the site go faster for you lot.  So do you notice it being any faster?  Or slower?  Or you really couldn’t give a shite because there is more to life than worrying whether pages load fast or not?

Just after I put the fire out, and did some emergency repairs yesterday the servers had a hissy fit too.  It was nothing to do with my little emergency – just one of those coincidences.

They say that troubles come in threes.

I’m sitting here in my Kevlar vest and steel helmet waiting for the third.

Any moment now………?

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Waiting for the third — 23 Comments

    • Thanks for being so quick off the mark.  The reason for the triple images [I think] is that it was serving up a version of the site meant for mobile phones.  Or something.  Or maybe I'm wrong….

    • Good news!  One of the reasons I didn't use this software before is that it isn't supposed to work with mobile phones.  I tried a few tests yesterday with my own phone and it seemed to work so I went with it.

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