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  1. Good on you.

    In any other job, the pope would have been turfed out on his arse for his bigotry and racism. Fuck him.  

    • God be with the days when the World held its breath watching for the white smoke!  I think at this stage, most people couldn't give a shite.

  2. I heard they need a new Pope. I turned 'em down but put your name forward. You should get it with my recommendation.

    • Thanks, tt.  Very good of you.  Two problems – I'm not into this fancy dress lark, and I'm not really into little boys either.

  3. I have a very appropriate picture I would love to post but the last time I tried that it didn't work.

    Perhaps if I send it to you you can post it.


    In the meantime, your sense of profound indifference is matched by my own.


  4. I have to say I kind of did a bit of a chuckle when I heard his speech on the radio earlier.. where he said he repeatedly examined his conscience before God, I thought did he make an appointment?  Is it only himself that gets before God?  God is some joker if that man's conscience is in any way examined.
    There's some people that think like that though -(Catholics?).. that the priests and holinesses and whatnot are closer to the man upstairs than the rest of us joe soaps.. the pope being the closest.  So basically everything he does and says is infallible.  So all in all this was the right decision really..

    • One of the very earliest aspects of the religion that rang alarm bells for me was that superstitious claptrap that if the pope sat in a particular chair, then everything he said was infallible.  What a load of utter bollox.

  5. Hey GD, What's up with your likeness. Did the recent server explosion cause paralysis? It no longer gives the bird and the evil eye as the cursor is moved to the address bar to leave the page.

    • Indeed it was a casualty of the explosion.  It took me a lot of sweat to get that little gimmick to work, but unfortunately it had to go.  It was fucking up other aspects of the site.

  6. And where's 'Spitting Image' when we need it the most?! I used to love those piss takes on JP II.

  7. I would have thought, given your "hobby", that you would spend rather a lot of time in churches. Or, at least, their bell towers. From what better vantage to welcome "tourists"?

  8. We can say what we like but they've still got a hell of a lot more money than us. And whilst they keep getting it, they'll keep going. (Bit like ASH, really)

  9. Oh well, never mind. I turned off java script so I could bypass your fancy comment box in order to stick in an image (via html code) but it didn't work. It worked on JT though. It was my mediocre attempt at sewing your head onto the pope. Here it is if you care to peek:

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