Waiting for the third — 23 Comments

      • No, one of those 1/6d jobbies they used to sell (to anyone, even us kids who would save up for a few of those and a pocketful of penny and twopenny bangers for the local terrorist arsenal) in the weeks leading up to November 5th

  1. working grand now! just zippy in the load and no more triple images. fingers crossed third thing is just a fart from the guiness

    • Thanks for being so quick off the mark.  The reason for the triple images [I think] is that it was serving up a version of the site meant for mobile phones.  Or something.  Or maybe I'm wrong….

    • Good news!  One of the reasons I didn't use this software before is that it isn't supposed to work with mobile phones.  I tried a few tests yesterday with my own phone and it seemed to work so I went with it.

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