I have noticed a strange phenomenon on this site.

Sometimes I get an idea and I mull over it.  I plan what I am going to write and the following day I scribble it out.  And it goes down like a lead duck.

Other times I switch on, take a look at the blank screen and just write without even knowing what I am going to write about until I finish.  And I get loads of readers and loads of comments.

What’s the difference?

I was going to write about the Frontline programme last Monday because it pissed me off no end.  I was going to hold up Crown as the archetypal condescending Puritan cunt that he is, with his conviction that his mission in life is to force us to live according to his scheme of things.  I was going to mention Clancy for the lying little toe-rag that he is.  But I had mulled over the subject and realised that there was no point in writing it simply because I had mulled it over.

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So my technique is to sit down, switch on and start writing about a topic without knowing exactly what I am going to say next.

The only problem then is what to do when that topic fails to materialise.  Blank screen.  Blank mind.  Blank.

I have quite a few things to write about today.  But I have thought about them beforehand so there is no point in writing them.

Catch 22?

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Catch 22 — 11 Comments

  1. It's a year since I left Ireland, and I'll be returning in the summer. Having spent some time away, it's easy to see that the place is exactly as bad as we think it is. None of this is an illusion. There's no "far away hills are greener" complex. It really is that shit.

    Having a nationally televised debate on smoking, is just another pulpit for the naysayers and begrudgers. It's actually disgusting to see. Granted, I haven't seen the video, but I daresay I don't need to (nor want to). I can imagine the poorly chaired diarrhea pouring from mouths. The country's economy and morale is on it's knees…. "Hey let's debate smoking. That'll really piss the proles off."



    • The debate wasn't really a debate at all.  One [independent] politician arguing that the smoking bans have gone too far and a bigoted senator who is the classic definition of a Puritan – he hates smoking so he has to do everything in his power to see than smokers are denormalised and cast out of "decent" society.  Then there was Clancy [ex head of ASH – need I say more] denying government statistics and producing his own, which of course "proved" that all the bans to date have been a roaring success.

      The only reason I was tempted to write about the programme was that it was a clear and perfect example of bigotry and narrow mindedness.

  2. We have the best journalist,the best newspapers ,and the most balanced current affairs programs .thats there view .and they are all puppets .I look forward to your daily  honesty ,keep up the good work .

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