Optimism — 10 Comments

  1. hey that works for me! never thought i'd be tickled that we expect freezing rain on wednesday, that's up temps from the -17c and more we've had all week.

    • I can actually see the snowdrops now as they aren't covered in snow any more.  It's the lengthening evenings that cheer me the most.

  2. That's the spirit GD.

    Will we be reading more optimistic posts so, going forward now that it's staying a bit brighter for longer?

    Did you know after Dec 21st, you can add like a minute a day onto the time that it gets dark at.. or was it two mins a week?  Something like that anyways.. and maybe going forward you could do the sun beds if the lack of light is really bothering you?

    • It varies in a sort of sine-wave.  The nearer we get to March, the faster the rate of change.  Then it slows down again coming up to June.

  3. Winter in Oregon is just one nine month long rainy day. It gets a bit cooler in winter alright, but it's the constant drizzle that gets ya. June through the end of August is magic though.

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