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  1. Well I don't get RTE in Tunisia so I don't know what the fuck you are on about.

    Confused dot com!!

    • Meh!  I was afraid of that.  I have the programme on file but if I upload it to YouTube they'll start bitching about copyright and will probably ban me.  They have threatened before.

      Unless anyone knows of a service that isn't so fucking sniffy?

  2. Mossy should go online RTE Player its on there now I'm getting it here in South East Asia.

  3. It's a year since I left Ireland, and I'll be returning in the summer. Having spent some time away, it's easy to see that the place is exactly as bad as we think it is. None of this is an illusion. There's no "far away hills are greener" complex. It really is that shit.

    Having a nationally televised debate on smoking, is just another pulpit for the naysayers and begrudgers. It's actually disgusting to see. Granted, I haven't seen the video, but I daresay I don't need to (nor want to). I can imagine the poorly chaired diarrhea pouring from mouths. The country's economy and morale is on it's knees…. "Hey let's debate smoking. That'll really piss the proles off."



    • The debate wasn't really a debate at all.  One [independent] politician arguing that the smoking bans have gone too far and a bigoted senator who is the classic definition of a Puritan – he hates smoking so he has to do everything in his power to see than smokers are denormalised and cast out of "decent" society.  Then there was Clancy [ex head of ASH – need I say more] denying government statistics and producing his own, which of course "proved" that all the bans to date have been a roaring success.

      The only reason I was tempted to write about the programme was that it was a clear and perfect example of bigotry and narrow mindedness.

  4. We have the best journalist,the best newspapers ,and the most balanced current affairs programs .thats there view .and they are all puppets .I look forward to your daily  honesty ,keep up the good work .

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