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  1. Ironically enough, we're fighting the same battle here as well with the exception that our government (Vermont) is trying to allow wholesale building of these 400 ft wind towers on our mountains and ridge lines rather than the plains–of which we have none. And only in the poorest counties of course, where the towns therein don't have the money to fight it or prevent it by buying their way out of it. There's two of these wind farms already up (16 and 21 towers respectively)and another 41 tower farm being proposed in which the 3 towns involved are fighting tooth and nail.

    All these wind farms are located in what we call Vermont's "North East Kingdom" (my area). The poorest area of Vermont. Go figure. Right now there's legislation in the Vermont senate that, if passed, will grant a 3 year moratorium on wind power in in the state. Not the first time legislation like this has been presented but it was completely voted down by those people who stand to benefit the most ($$$) from blasting the tops off our mountains and ridge lines.

    • Now imagine that your towers are 600 feet and that all the power goes to Canada.

      Like yourselves, the area they are talking of despoiling here isn't exactly the wealthiest.  Just small towns and villages.  And have the locals been consulted?  Hah!

  2. I agree with what you say, we have just been talking about it here. Some fat cats will make a fortune out of it……

    • Indeed they will.  We will have our Midlands covered in the damn things and people in the UK will have to pay way over the odds for an unreliable power source.

  3. GD, just to let you know it's not being done in my name, or in the name of anyone else I know of in the UK.  This is an EU initiated scam.  Which midland counties are affected?

    • I am well aware that it's the two gubmints and the EU who are behind this, with the backing of vested interests of course.

      According to the map – Westmeath, Meath, Offaly, Laois and Kildare – the least windy counties in Ireland.  Incidentally, I live in one of the windier spots and it has been dead calm for the last few days!

  4. …but most days they will just stand there looking ugly. 


    As I understand it, on calm days you'll have to put power into them to keep them turning else they get bearing damage or something. So if the wind isn't blowing, it's going to cost you.


    It's a great system.


    For some.


    Not you, not me, not 99.9% of the people. But for the lucky few, it's a GREAT system.

    • Like carbon trading and all the rest.  The Global Warming shite is a bonanza for some, and that's why it will never go away.

  5. What the fuck happened to you guys? Where are the Irish Rebels? The IRA? (Irish   Rollover, grip your ankles and take it up the arse for England,  Army.  This is disgusting. Build 'em on the old bitch's Scottish estates. Balmoral etc.

    • I was never a fan of the IRA, but I will be quite honest and say that if The Boys wrapped a couple of pounds of Semtex around the base of those windmills, I would happily look in the other direction.

  6. Well let's look at this logistically………….. the Midlands are in the ' midland' so that means they have to get the electrickery across the country somehow and ship it over the pond. Now this is where you come in, they'll have to pass through your domain (east coast)  to do this. Maybe this was why your lane was ripped up recently????

    • Hah!  If they ever had to come near The Manor then I'm the one who would be planting the Semtex.  Fortunately/unfortunately they would have to dig well north of here.

  7. I'll bet my last euro that The Brits won't pay the same rate for their Electricity as we do for the same product generated on our soil.

  8. Let them have lots of Irish culchie methane gas. Right lads, line up thousands of Irish volunteers along the Louth coastline, after feeding them with boiled runner beans, and with backsides to the sea let them expel one big coordinated barp of flatulence. If England has its methane collection system well organized the energy requirements will be satisfied.

  9. Anything with the words 'green' on it is a big con trick just like your Irish Green party. I know in the UK it works like this a surcharge is put on energy bills to paid to build these monstrosities. These companies then build these wind farms using their customers money they then sell the power back to customers at super high prices. 

  10. how does the planning procedure work for these wind farms .Will it get the Rabbitts feet under the table at Brussels .It smells a little like Anglo Irish .Perhaps Alan Dukes will get the demolition job , given enough time and money .

  11. I'm calling bullshit on your bird killer claim. Wind turbines kill less birds than cars, power lines, phone towers  and buildings. (Collisions with wind turbines account for about one-tenth of a percent of all unnatural bird deaths in the United States each year)

     Fair point on where the power generated is going, we could use that power ourselves. But 'bird-mincers'? Me hole.

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