I see our Dame Enda has been named European of the Year by German magazines.

Coming in on the heels of his farcical appearance in Time magazine and his “Celtic Comeback” this is nothing short of a sick joke at the expense of the Irish.

Mind you, it’s no wonder they love him over in Germany.  Apart from the fact that he spends so much of his time up Angela Merkel’s arse that he may as well take up permanent residence there, isn’t he the one guaranteeing the Germans full payback on their dodgy investments in dodgy banks at our expense?

The only thing that little cunt is good for is swanning around the world, spinning a tale of how all us Irish are good little Europeans, and how we are only too delighted to be living in penury so that we can save the Euro and the European Dream.  Leastwise we have seen little of him in this country.  I have almost forgotten what he looks like, but I suppose that’s a blessing in disguise.

Let’s ask the Irish People if they think he is Man of the Year.  I think you would get a fairly swift and classic response.  As we struggle in permanent recession, with daily evictions, mass emigration and ordinary people stealing to feed their kids, we are virtually back in famine times.  The sick are still lying on trolleys in our hospitals.  The gubmint is currently seeing how it can worm its way out of paying disability allowances for the over 66s.  Old folk are being left fend for themselves as Home Help is withdrawn.  The relentless crusade to strip every cent from the old, the disabled and the elderly continues.  Yet more crippling taxes are promised by the end of the year.

So if the Germans love him so much, they can have him.

The lying two-faced hypocritical little cunt.

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European joke of the year — 13 Comments

  1. Isn't it an amazing coincidence in that Irish Times article pic just how much Fatso Reilly looks like Henry VIII? All he'd need is a Tudor period costume and he'd fit the bill to a tee.

    As for that sleazy cunt Kenny, I'm surprised he hasn't initiated a "KY Jelly Allowance" for himself and his ilk. That lying arse of his must be red raw from all those visits to Brussels and Berlin.

    • That Reilly is an ugly fucker all right.  Is it a constitutional requirement that we have to have ugly fat cunts for Health Ministers?

  2. There you go again with that annoying ambiguous fence-sitting. You're always doing it.

    Get off the fence Grandad and tell us what you REALLY think of Edna Penny of whoever she is.

    • I realise the language I used could be construed as ambiguous.  Maybe I just want to give that bottom feeding, traitorous little toe-rag the benefit of the doubt?

    • I would not have thought it possible to sink to the depths of Cowan and Ahern, but Kenny has actually managed that.  I almost admire him for that!

  3. Germans are often stereotyped as hardworking, serious weltschmertzy people; but now we know some of their media people have a sense of humour. They could style Enda as Der keltische Witz.

    Achtung Baby!


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