European joke of the year — 13 Comments

  1. Isn't it an amazing coincidence in that Irish Times article pic just how much Fatso Reilly looks like Henry VIII? All he'd need is a Tudor period costume and he'd fit the bill to a tee.

    As for that sleazy cunt Kenny, I'm surprised he hasn't initiated a "KY Jelly Allowance" for himself and his ilk. That lying arse of his must be red raw from all those visits to Brussels and Berlin.

    • That Reilly is an ugly fucker all right.  Is it a constitutional requirement that we have to have ugly fat cunts for Health Ministers?

  2. There you go again with that annoying ambiguous fence-sitting. You're always doing it.

    Get off the fence Grandad and tell us what you REALLY think of Edna Penny of whoever she is.

    • I realise the language I used could be construed as ambiguous.  Maybe I just want to give that bottom feeding, traitorous little toe-rag the benefit of the doubt?

    • I would not have thought it possible to sink to the depths of Cowan and Ahern, but Kenny has actually managed that.  I almost admire him for that!

  3. Germans are often stereotyped as hardworking, serious weltschmertzy people; but now we know some of their media people have a sense of humour. They could style Enda as Der keltische Witz.

    Achtung Baby!


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