European joke of the year — 13 Comments

  1. Exactly – send the cunt to Germany for good.


    Pity all those camps are gone!!!!!!!!


  2. Isn't it an amazing coincidence in that Irish Times article pic just how much Fatso Reilly looks like Henry VIII? All he'd need is a Tudor period costume and he'd fit the bill to a tee.

    As for that sleazy cunt Kenny, I'm surprised he hasn't initiated a "KY Jelly Allowance" for himself and his ilk. That lying arse of his must be red raw from all those visits to Brussels and Berlin.

    • That Reilly is an ugly fucker all right.  Is it a constitutional requirement that we have to have ugly fat cunts for Health Ministers?

  3. There you go again with that annoying ambiguous fence-sitting. You're always doing it.

    Get off the fence Grandad and tell us what you REALLY think of Edna Penny of whoever she is.

    • I realise the language I used could be construed as ambiguous.  Maybe I just want to give that bottom feeding, traitorous little toe-rag the benefit of the doubt?

  4. Kenny is getting the 'Iron Cross' for enslaving the Irish Nation. Iv got my own award for him 'cunt of the year'

    • I would not have thought it possible to sink to the depths of Cowan and Ahern, but Kenny has actually managed that.  I almost admire him for that!

    • Both in pursuit of power and an ideological bad dream at the expense of their people?  Yup.  The cap fits.

  5. Germans are often stereotyped as hardworking, serious weltschmertzy people; but now we know some of their media people have a sense of humour. They could style Enda as Der keltische Witz.

    Achtung Baby!


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